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Our Mission

accelerate your potential

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Generative AI Acceleration

AI delivers substantial business impact when integrated across strategy, process redesign, and capabilities, forming an AI-driven organization that propels business forward. With experience from over 2000 AI startups and corporates, we connect innovative startups with enterprises, fostering market expansion, partnerships, technology development, talent acquisition, and strategic investments.

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Corporate Acceleration

The Idea Accelerator is a dynamic, 90-day virtual program designed to transform your idea into action. Catering to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, from tech startups to local businesses, this program empowers participants with rapid experimentation, guidance and mentorship, helping turn great ideas into successful ventures. We’re committed to breaking down barriers to entrepreneurship, ensuring every idea, regardless of its origin, has the opportunity to succeed.

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Sales Acceleration

With a proven history of accelerating over 10,000 startups, EpicDX excels in the art of impactful pitching and strategic selling. Our approach treats deal-making as a competitive sport, akin to how professional athletes refine their skills; we help you perfect your pitch and sales decks to resonate emotionally with investors and effectively target your audience, ensuring you consistently secure funding and close deals.

From project work to new ventures to managed services, EpicDX is your end-to-end team for innovation

Unleashing the power of AI

We collaborate closely with clients to elevate their offerings through AI-enabled enhancements while creating innovative products that captivate users and propel their businesses forward.

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We teach you independence so if we do our job well enough, you don’t need us! Our activities and methods enhance our clients’ capabilities such that they become repeatable and scalable even after we’ve long since come and gone.

Len Silverston

Paul provided deep insight, intuition, guidance, and coaching that really helped facilitate and bring to fruition a successful outcome for a hugely important business transaction. His wise counsel and acumen is an extraordinary gift.

Len Silverston / Universal Data Models
Ed Wood

Dispersive represents critical components of a secure platform ecosystem. Paul and his team helped us lean in deeply to create a strategy with the greatest opportunity for differentiation by connecting our tools, services, frameworks, and platforms to enable the most secure quality experience for our customers.

Ed Wood / Dispersive Networks
Cynthia Artin

Paul’s passion and ability to inspire others attracts talent to him. He is the hardest working professional I’ve ever had the honor to work with, is loyal, empathetic, and fun! Paul’s unique combination of creativity, charisma and charm charge up teams and make us feel that anything is possible. With EpicDX – anything is!

Cynthia Artin / Extranet Venture Partners
Rob Beck

The PX (Product Experience) application – the EpicDX team built for us – provided invaluable benefits to the adoption of CustomerView. The ability for prospects and partners to undertake demos themselves lead to rapid adoption of our conversation analytics solution.

Rob Beck / CustomerView
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Who we’ve helped

As organizations evolve to a digital enterprise, new capabilities need to be developed to deliver value.

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