Who are we?
What is DX?


We’re a business modernization firm located in Silicon Valley.

Develop new customer segments, introduce new business models, and redefine the value chain.

We build the innovation stack so that your innovation team efforts are not disconnected from other company activities.

The world’s top-performing companies are leading with their product to drive key business results, scale sales and support, and increase marketing’s effectiveness.

Transform your content marketing strategy with unique, inspiring video content that engages, converts, and retains customers.

Everything you need in one place

As organizations evolve to a digital enterprise, new capabilities need to be developed to deliver value. Digital capabilities require the bringing together of technology, talent, governance, processes, and data. EpicDX believes that too few organizations are actively working toward developing new digital capabilities but are instead preoccupied with building the pieces. Data alone will not be a competitive differentiator. It is what a company does with the data that distinguishes it.


Our line of work is a full-contact sport.

We engage with you in two primary phases.

  • Discover & Strategize

  • Execute & Accelerate

Experiential Engagement

Product first businesses attuned to customer needs are poised to deliver innovative exceptional customer experiences that are easy, frictionless, and pleasing.

Blend digital/human in customer engagement.

Industry Specificity

Building up data monetization requires the organization to identify data that has economic value, refine it into an asset, and distribute the data through effective channels.

Leverage data to create new digital revenue streams.

Digital Business at Scale

Scaling a digital business will require capabilities in scope and speed. You’ll need new autonomic operational processes that drive down costs as volume increases.

Deliver hyper-personalized, cost-effective digital services.

Solving for the complex

is the core of our DNA

Our amazing team

We are not consultants. We are partners.

We don’t use jargon and platitudes. We give specific, relevant and timely advice along with the concrete materials needed to succeed at any stage of growth.

Doug Allen
Doug Allen
Product, Design
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Joe Galvin
Business Development
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John McConaghy
Creative, Content
Khoa Pham
Khoa Pham
Architecture, Development
Paul Pluschkell
Paul Pluschkell
Leadership, Strategy
Bob Pulver
Bob Pulver
Future of Work
Tim VanderMolen
Tim VanderMolen
Project Management
Jeff Wagner
Jeff Wagner

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