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What and why?

70% of corporate IT Projects Fail

The Number One Pitfall of corporate innovation projects is that they are funded prematurely because of a feeling or gut instinct.

Many times we see companies throw money at sponsoring an accelerator or building a fancy innovation lab. Without thinking about all of the important parts of their innovation journey out of the gate, money gets tossed at things that can best be described as “innovation theater” — showy, but ultimately useless.

When it comes to early-stage innovation, we should expect that our initial idea will change radically if we are to find a compelling and unique value proposition which customers are willing to pay more for than it costs us to deliver.

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90 Day Program Starting at $165K

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Businesses spend money, time, energy, and manpower on products without creating real business value. Resources end up wasted as the product remains unprofitable.

We show you how to track success.

  • Financial metrics
  • Metrics for customers
  • Process performance metrics

Work with the same tools startup entrepreneurs use to get funded.

Superior technology. Superior innovation sourcing. See the difference yourself.

Successful Outcomes

Why build a $1M product if you can 10X or 100X?

Our 90 Day Business Transformation Executive Program is designed to:

Validate your business goals

Every business transformation needs to have specific, realistic goals. This helps determine how effective the transformation is

Map out processes

Visual representations of workflows provide a clear illustration of how a business functions

Analyze Processes

Process mapping helps identify slowdowns, redundancies, waste, and risk. These are the areas to target for business transformations

Establish a baseline

This provides a comparison point to help leaders and employees see how transformations impact business performance

Interview major players

Determine what is needed to get buy-in by speaking with the individuals who will be directly impacted by any process improvements

Select Tools

Find the right solutions that improve (not limit) organizational performance. This could be a custom or out-of-the-box solution

Get Buy-In

Establish a positive mindset toward organizational change to help ensure team members embrace new systems

Build, deploy, and test

Build out the necessary solutions to integrate platforms, automate workflows, and improve processes

Optimize Process Improvements

Once new solutions go live, they need to be improved based on feedback and performance


Business transformation is continuous – organizations should continue to look for additional workflows to improve

The end goal with business transformation is to reduce labor, costs, bottlenecks, errors, risk, and customer dissatisfaction. This idea should be at the center.

So What’s next?

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